Show Choreografie: 3 Fragen an Alex Burgos

24. September 2014

Show Choreo­grafie bei Tabaluga // Quelle: Alex Burgos


Mit dem US-Ameri­­kaner Alex Burgos habe ich schon öfters zusammen arbeiten können. Der Wahl-Kölner hat schon für Michael Jackson getanzt und kam als Musical-Darsteller mit dem Star­light Express nach Deutsch­land. Zwischen­zeit­lich ist er etablierter Choreo­graf für Show-Insze­­nie­­rungen und zeich­nete unter anderem für die letzte Tabaluga Tournee verant­wort­lich. Im Rahmen meiner Inter­­view-Reihe ein Einblick in die Arbeits­welt der Show Choreo­grafie (ich hoffe alle sind des Engli­schen mächtig):



1. Alex, why would you say is choreography important?


Choreo­graphy in my view brings life and the telling of it to the audience. When the audience witnesses a bril­li­antly choreo­gra­phed and danced piece their emotions are stirred and begin to feel a part of them­selves moved in a way that they them­selves can some­times not explain…. they have been affected! I believe, on the part of the choreo­gra­pher, it is important to make a state­ment that impacts viewers through the movement. If as a choreo­gra­pher you have created some­thing that ONLY you under­stand, it defeats the purpose of connec­ting with the viewers.



2. What has been the ultimate challenge for you as a choreographer?


In the event world working with Media Artist Andree Verleger. 12–15 years ago we started creating very intri­cate inter­ac­tive perfor­mances that inte­grate dance/performance with over dimen­sional projec­tion. The chal­lenge was, and remains to be, how to convey a story and yet still present a product in a way that emotio­nally capti­vates the public. The more tech­no­logy within a perfor­mance, the colder it can become. I believe we have success­fully overcome this chal­lenge. Have a glimpse:



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In the theater world with Peter Maffay on the last Tabaluga tour. Here I had to work with a mass of larger-than-life props and costumes, which could have hinde­ring the dancers, actors and musi­cians in their perfor­mances. Inte­gra­ting these elements and bringing the story success­fully across through movement was a chal­lenge well met.



3. Where do you get inspired for innovative shows?


People, music, pain­tings, nature, lite­ra­ture, internet, the list is long. I believe you have to be aware of your surroun­dings and how they affect you or the people around you emotionally.
I also enjoy watching main­stream perfor­mance pieces whether they be dance perfor­mances or acting pieces but find a great deal of alter­na­tive energy and inspi­ra­tion by smaller scale produc­tions that are willing to take risks in their performances.



Show Choreografie Alex Burgos ChoreographyAlex Burgos was born and raised in New York City where he studied dance, acting and musical theater at the High School of the Performing Arts, Fordham Univer­sity, Alvin Ailey school of Dance and Once Upon a Time Inc. He has danced for Michael Jackson and toured through Europe in various Musicals. He is an active choreo­gra­pher and stage director for numerous event and touring musical theater productions.



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